Marly Skin Guard

Sting free MARLY SKIN GUARD™ may be applied directly on all types of skin irritations and abrasions so long as the affected area is clean and dry. It does not heal unhealthy skin, but creates a protective barrier against allergens and irritants so the skin has a chance to heal itself over time.

MARLY SKIN GUARD™ may be used on the entire body, under gloves, masks and goggles, and helps protect skin that is exposed when wearing basic personal protection equipment.


skin barrier foam

for daily skin protection

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Helping professionals protect their skin since 1988

for only pennies a day

MARLY SKIN GUARD™ treated skin helps stop DEET-based insect repellants from penetrating the skin and entering the blood stream. So an increased use of DEET-based insect repellants will help in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases like the Zika virus, malaria, West Nile, etc. So Marly Skin Guard™ is an important health and safety factor at home and on the job.

MARLY SKIN GUARD™ stops the drying effects of the alcohol found in anti-bacterial gels and foams, and helps prevent the alcohol from penetrating the skin and entering your bloodstream and liver, thereby leaving more alcohol on the surface of the skin where it can kill more bacteria.

MARLY SKIN GUARD™ is the only solvent free skin barrier foam in the world, which means it can be used on both healthy and unhealthy skin, because solvents - like alcohol or citric acid - are irritants in themselves.


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Up to 600 hours of skin protection 
      per can of Marly Skin Guard

                         $19.95 per 3.4oz (100mL) can                       (all prices in US Dollars)

Money Back Guaranty

We are so confident you will be totally satisfied with Marly Skin Guard™, that we are
offering a money back guaranty, if you send back your entire purchase within
21 days after your order was shipped (see our return policy for details). 

But we ask you to be diligent and use your
Marly Skin Guard™ every 4-hours, two to three times a day, for 5 days, in order to give it a chance to make the difference you were looking for.

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Here is what people love about Marly Skin Guard™. It forms a two-dimensional skin barrier which
helps protect the
skin from coming into contact with and
by inhibiting the absorption of:
  • allergens;
  • alkaline & acidic solutions;
  • organic solvents & dust;
  • aggressive cleansers & disinfectants;
  • chemicals & lubricants;
  • body secretions, blood, urine & feces;
  • paints, inks & dyes.
And it helps prevent skin problems when wearing examination and work gloves and from frequent cleansing
and sanitizing, and it can also be used as a skin barrier against rashes caused by incontinence and diaper rash

on babies.

Skin Benefits: The skin maintains a natural moisture balance. 
Marly Skin Guard™ is totally harmless and non-toxic. There is no 
occlusion or pseudo-occlusion, it does not affect sense of touch
or normal skin function, it is non-greasy, it doesn't feel sticky,
and the skin breathes and perspires normally.

1.    Wash with soap and water. The skin must be clean and dry. 
2.    SHAKE THE CAN WELL before dispensing Marly Skin Guard™. 
3.    Dispense the foam by pressing the application nozzle while holding the can upside down.
4.    Apply the required amount of foam to the skin by gently rubbing it over the area to be protected. When
    protecting your hands, a walnut-size dollop (standard application) is sufficient (see picture above). 
    Ensure the foam is also applied onto the tips of the fingers and into the cuticles.
5.    Marly Skin Guard™ can be used externally on the whole body.
    Please note that Marly Skin Guard does not protect mucous membrane.
6.    Allow 3 minutes to fully dry.


Even if the skin is washed and sanitized several times during

the 4 hour period, further applications are not necessary.

   Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $19.95 per 3.4oz (100mL) can.

Cost per Standard Application:

• A 100mL can of Marly Skin Guard = 150 standard applications.

• At $19.95 a can, that is 13 cents per standard application.

• Each application lasts over 4-hours, so a person will apply Marly

Skin Guard twice a day: once before work, then again after


• So a can may last up to 75 x 8-hour workdays (3.5 work months).

• That's 600 hours of skin protection per can.

• At 13 cents per standard application, that is only

26 cents a day.

A small price to pay for healthy skin.

Shelf Life:  An unopened can of Marly Skin Guard™ has a shelf life of 5-years
                and 2-years after its first use.
 An Effective Skin Barrier Foam
A cross section of the skin with Marly Skin Guard™
(colored blue) forming an effective barrier against a layer of grime.
Marly Skin Guard™ is a non-toxic, solvent free barrier foam,
that can be used on both healthy and unhealthy skin, and dries 
within 3 minutes. It protects against skin irritations caused by
wearing gloves and from exposure to many harmful and irritating 
substances. Best of all, unlike other barrier products, it is non-greasy, 
the skin breathes and perspires normally and it lasts over 4 hours 
even with frequent washing and sanitizing.

							Made in Germany 

            Thank you and enjoy the benefits of using Marly Skin Guard™