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Occlusion & Pseudo-Occlusion Defined



Occlusion of the skin means 100% coverage of the surface of the skin. The skin cannot perspire and cannot respire (breath) at all.


The result is that the humidity macerates (to make soft by leaving in water) the dermis and increases the possibility for penetration of toxic material through the skin. Also, by totally blocking the penetration of air, this creates pressure on the cells of the dermis, which in turn thins them – increasing the intercellular spaces - further increasing the possibility for penetration of these toxins.


Pseudo-occlusion means the same as occlusion, but with less than 100% coverage of the skin, i.e.  60% or 70% occlusion.


So 100% occlusion is achievable with a plastic foil and pseudo-occlusion with a fat-creams or with oils.


MARLY SKIN GUARD does not change normal skin functions or sense of touch. The skin breathes and perspires normally, while forming a two-dimensional skin barrier which protects the skin against abuse from the elements by inhibiting the absorption of toxic materials people come into contact on a daily basis at work and at home.