Marly Skin North America Inc.

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Marly Skin North America Inc.
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Toronto, Ontario

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Our Mission
To help people protect their skin and their bodies against harmful irritants and allergens that are ever present in their day-to-day lives at work and at home.
Our Vision
Marly Skin Guard North America Inc. and our cooperating partners care about our customer's physical health and overall quality of life. We continuously strive to find the best products to introduce to the North American market. Products that are unique and ingenious. Products that will materially improve our clients’ lives and physical well being.

Our History

In 1988 in Marly (a suburb of Brussels) Belgium, a scientist invented a totally new skin protection process. It is a skin barrier foam that protects from inside the top layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) not on its surface.

The parent company is Marly Products, which is based in Germany and can be contacted at:


Kolomanstrasse 5a

D-85737 Ismaning

Tel. (49) 089 - 996 388-79

Fax (49) 089 - 996 388-90


Marly Products have been manufacturing and successfully selling the skin barrier product under the brandname Marly Skin™ in Europe and Asia since 1988.


Our company, Marly Skin North America Inc. (a Canadian corporation), owns the exclusive North American rights to this skin barrier product. We import it from Germany under the brandname Marly Skin Guard™ and sell it across Canada and the United States. Our US subsidiary is:
Marly Skin USA LLC
1209 Orange Street
Wilmington, Delaware


Legal Disclaimer


Marly Skin North America Inc. makes no claim to be a cure for any skin disorders. We offer a product that creates protection from most external irritants and possible skin damaging materials. Marly Skin Guard™ like most skin products will react differently on some people.


Marly Skin Guard™ is imported and distributed as a "cosmetic", and no medical or curative claims are made. There is no express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise. If the product is unusable or the packaging is compromised, customers may request a replacement. Any misunderstanding or misuse of the product is wholly the responsibility of the user. While Marly Skin Guard™ is an effective and useful skin barrier, it is in no way a replacement for good hygiene or latex or latex-equivalent gloves. We make no claims and recommend that Marly Skin Guard™ is used as a supplemental, secondary means of protection. Marly Skin Guard™ should not be used or considered a primary defence against pathogens or infections or other biohazardous substances of any type.  


Marly Skin North America Inc. takes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever regarding the purchase and/or use of the Marly Skin Guard™ product.