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Marly Skin Guard™ Testimonials

Excerpts from letters by Marly Skin Guard users

Julie Ann, Mother

Years ago, Amway sold a product like this, and it was a mainstay in our house because of pollen/grass allergies would trigger terrible eczema flare-ups for me (how do you tell a kid not to go outside and play?) Anyway, for whatever reason, Amway stopped manufacturing their skin guard, and I was at the mercies of my allergies. Then I found Marly Skin Guard; I was skeptical, but this stuff is AWESOME. No sticky film or oily barrier. My skin feels like skin, I have full sensation, and best of all - I can roll around in the grass with my three-year old daughter without looking like an itchy violet beauregard at the end of the day. CAVEAT: *all* skin guards/protectors eventually wear off, so if you neglect to reapply every 4 hours as recommended, yeah, the product's not going to be as effective (just trying to quell any naysayers that may come along.)

Carol G., Caregiver

My mother is 84, bedridden, incontinent and suffers from dementia. She does not have the ability to move herself independently. One of our biggest concerns is the risk of bedsores, from lack of movement, and skin break down from the incontinence. At the first sign of bedsores, one of my mother’s caregivers recommended using Marly Skin Guard. We started using it on my mother immediately. Not only did the bedsores clear up, but my mother’s skin has been unbelievably resilient, impervious to the effects of the incontinence. The impact of this product on my mother’s quality of life is immeasurable. I know things could be much worse if we were not using Marly Skin Guard. It is standard protocol for all caregiver’s that work with my mother that Marly Skin Guard be applied with each change. It is one of the few procedures for which we have a sign up in the apartment. Thank you for such a perfect effective product.

Dorothy H., Homemaker

About 2 years ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Marly Skin Guard. Since then I have used it for different reasons.

In the past my hands would crack and bleed because I constantly wash and use hand sanitizer. Since I started to use Marly Skin Guard, my skin no longer cracks and it protects me from the alcohol in the hand sanitizer.

I do not have strong nails but when I wear Marly Skin Guard, my nails grow without splitting. As soon as I forget to wear Marly Skin Guard my nails become weak again.

Twice this year, I have burned my forearm on the oven door. Burns are a nightmare for me since I infect easily. When I applied Marly Skin Guard to the burn no infection set in and the burns healed in record time.

I always apply Marly Skin Guard when I clean my silver so I don’t need to wear gloves. The black residue that comes from the silver washes off my hands even without soap.

When I am gardening, I wear Marly Skin Guard instead of wearing gloves. I find Marly Skin Guard protects my hands and nails from the dirt and fertilizers.

My friend’s 90 year old father has become incontinent so he has to wear adult briefs. He developed uncomfortable diaper rashes so I introduced him to Marly Skin Guard and now he no longer suffers from those rashes.

I put Marly Skin Guard on first thing in the morning and then after lunch so that I am protecting my hands and nails every day.

I recommend that everyone give Marly Skin Guard a try.

D. King, Mom and Homemaker

I was in the middle of doing some spring cleaning and was compelled to stop and write this letter.

While reorganizing the bedroom I came to the drawer in the bedside table and found a supply of band aids and healing ointments. Other winters my hands were a painful bleeding mess of splits and tears from over-dryness….what my doctor called ‘occupational eczema’….meaning that I wash my hands too much in my job…..I am a mom and housewife! Other winters I had to cover most of my fingers with cream and band aids before going to bed. In fact, I was doing that all day long and had band aids, ointments and creams throughout the house. Nothing ever seemed to be enough. This winter was different. Instead of band aids and ointment I have Marly Skin Guard throughout the house! Why? Marly Skin Guard completely erased the need for these other products. A couple of times this winter I did get small splits but I used a little extra Marly right on the spot and it enabled my skin to heal very quickly….problem solved. I can now go out to a store and not worry about what I touch. Before Marly Skin Guard I was afraid of picking up germs through my open wounds and I was afraid of leaving blood stains behind on fabrics. It was that bad every winter. Now I don’t have to be afraid to shake peoples’ hands, or sign a document in front of someone, or to be embarrassed of the dirty band aids covering my fingers. Thank you Marly Skin Guard.

Not only is your product doing a great job but it is so easy to use. I use it first thing in the morning and just after lunch and that seems to be enough for most days. I keep a can in my bathroom for the morning and one in the kitchen to remind me to use it mid-day. I need to see the can to remind me to re-apply because my hands feel so good I otherwise wouldn’t think of it. Only on a day where I am doing a specifically demanding job with my hands do I need to do it a third time. A couple of times I got forgetful because my hands were not bothering me and without Marly Skin Guard the problem came right back!

Thank you Marly Skin Guard for bringing such a wonderful product to the public. I can’t remember feeling so indebted to a product in my life! My brother just graduated from Chef School and the first thing I gave him was a bottle of Marly Skin Guard as a gift. I can think of many professions that this product would be a must have tool. Thank you again for your wonderful product!

Dr. Janet K. (45), Dentist

I am a dentist, so I wear gloves all day long and I constantly wash and sanitize my hands. About eight years ago, I started getting dry itchy patches of skin on my hands, which was quite painful and always present on my mind. I was introduced to Marly Skin Guard, and after only a few days, the dry patches had gone away and my skin felt great for the first time in many years. As a test, I stopped using Marly Skin Guard, and within a week the dry patches started coming back, so I started using it again, and my hands continue to look and feel great. Based on my experience, I highly recommend using Marly Skin Guard, for anyone who constantly has to wash and sanitize their hands and wear gloves all day long.

Heather W., Mother

Just wanted to drop a note of THANKS!! My two month old daughter had terrible diaper rash, she has extremely sensitive skin just like me. I read a testimonial about Marly Skin Guard on a mommy forum and I ordered it immediately. It has worked SO well that I'm now back for more!

The Graziotto Family

I really have to thank Dr. Tara Campbell for introducing me to Marly Skin Guard. When I told her about my son's horrible diaper rash and raw sores on his bottom she told me that I had to try Marly Skin Guard, and gave me a sample on the spot. Desperate and skeptical, as we tried practically every cream on the market, we put some of the Marly Skin Guard on before bed and prayed that it would work. The next morning, it was practically gone! Within 24 hours after our first application I would say it was completely gone. It really is a miracle product, and will always be on hand in our household! Thank you.

Peter W., Ink Manufacturer

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know what a fantastic product you have in Marly Skin Guard. We are an ink manufacturer and one of the jobs here is to spray the top of the ink with a combination of anti-oxidant and petroleum oil to keep the ink from skinning. The worker who runs this machine had developed sores on his hands from the over spray. This is one of those clean hand jobs that just don’t lend themselves to wearing gloves. After about a week of using the Marly Skin Guard the sores had healed to such an extent that his girl-friend was suspicious that he had lost his job. He is still happily working. Thanks for the great product.

Charlie O., Policeman

Most people would never think that a guy like me – 6’2” big burly policeman would have allergies and eczema – severe enough to keep me awake at night, but I do. In the past my hands have cracked, bled and been basically an embarrassing mess. My favorite off duty stress reliever is carpentry – I love to putter, but it is a very difficult hobby when faced with a bad case of eczema on the hands coupled with allergies to wood sap, rubber and latex… So protective gloves are a challenge - until Marly Skin Guard. It’s a brilliant product that has allowed me to wear protective gloves. The barrier that Marly Skin Guard provides protects my hands from the gloves, it really is an amazing product and will be on hand in my workshop from now on.

Peter C., Beauty Salon Owner

Being exposed to different hair products and washing my hands several times throughout the day, my hands tend to be dry, sore and even begin to crack and bleed. Since being introduced to Marly Skin Guard, my problems have gone away. I feel my hands are well protected by the barrier foam throughout my workday. In my 22 years of being in the hair industry, I have yet to come across a product that moisturizes and protects like Marly Skin Guard.

Herbert S. (52), Mason

I am a mason and I’ve been working on construction sites for over 30 years. I’ve always had problems with concrete dust, mainly on my head. Even when wearing a work hat, I suffered skin damage all over my head, especially on my neck, underneath the eyes and ears and on my scalp. It was so bad I had to stop working – almost every four weeks - and wait until things had healed. Eventually, the intervals became shorter and shorter. A doctor at work told me to use Marly Skin Guard. It’s truly fantastic! I’ve had no more skin problems since using Marly Skin Guard. The best thing about it is that dries quickly and is nongreasy, which means I can use Marly Skin Guard on all parts of my head without any problems. I’ve used Marly Skin Guard for 6 months now and I’ve had absolutely no problems ever since.

Klaus-Peter W. (31), Cyclist

I am an enthusiastic cyclist. Cycling is my hobby, but ever since I can remember I’ve had problems between my legs when cycling, especially in the summer when I’m sweating. I’ve tried everything: changing my trousers; applying creams; buying a new padded seat – nothing helped over any length of time. Sometimes it was so bad that I had to take a break from cycling and wait until the skin had healed again. A friend gave me Marly Skin Guard recently. I apply it before going on a ride, let it take effect for about 5 minutes, and I’ve had no problems ever since. Cycling in winter used to give me cracked skin on my hands. So I also use Marly Skin Guard on my hands and my skin is fine now! Everybody should use it.

Ursula B. (28), Mother

To tell you the truth, I am close to tears when I look out the window and see my three-year-old son playing happily in the sandbox with the other children. It wasn’t always like that. My son has neurodermitis and there was no way he could play outside. As soon as he made contact with sand, dirt or grass, his skin virtually exploded. His skin swelled up, cracked, and opened up in places. The only thing that seemed to help was massive doses of cortisone cream. I can still see his eyes when he looked down into the yard where the other children played and he had to stay inside. As a mother, it broke my heart. Until our family doctor gave us Marly Skin Guard. I apply it to my son’s skin from head to toe twice a day. He likes it because it doesn’t feel greasy.

This skin protector is really great. Ever since then he has had no more symptoms! I can’t tell you how happy I am about Marly Skin Guard.

Beatrice R. (47), Hairdresser

I have been a hairdresser for 25 years, but my skin problems became so severe over the last few years that I was at the point of giving up my career and retrain for another job. Everything my dermatologist prescribed for me has had only short-term effects. In the end, the cortisone concentrations I used got stronger and stronger. I found out about Marly Skin Guard at a training session. After the skin had healed, it worked fantastically well. I can work at my job again, thanks to Marly Skin Guard. I strongly advise that all my colleagues protect their skin with Marly Skin Guard at the earliest possible point in time to make sure they don’t experience what I did.

Ingeborg G. (41), Short Order Cook

I work in a snack bar surrounded by deep-fry oil, fat, and spices, exposed to these smells all day long. These smells are so strong that not evening a hot shower helps when I get home in the evening to get rid of the smell. Thank goodness I found Marly Skin Guard. I rub it on my arms, my face and even in my hair twice a day. Now when I take a shower in the evening, it gets rid of the smell! Thanks to Marly Skin Guard.

Peter G. (32), Farmer

I am a farmer and wine grower. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had very sensitive skin on my whole body because I’m very white-skinned and I have reddish-blond hair. Handling fertilizers, plant sprays, machine oil, the dust from the fields in summer, and contact with plant sap – all this has always given me trouble. Even when working with protective gloves, a mask and goggles, I still have severe problems on my head, neck, arms and my armpits. I get very itchy, blisters and small wounds. Then someone gave me Marly Skin Guard and everything has disappeared – like a miracle. Yes, it seems like a miracle to me because I’ve had these skin problems since childhood and I even toyed with the idea of changing my job. But I love working in the open air, I would simply perish in an office. I feel on top of the world since I started using Marly Skin Guard. Everything’s vanished. After all, you can use it all over your body, something you couldn’t do with an ointment because it would rub off immediately on your clothes.

Klaus S. (36), Musician

I play the bassoon and clarinet in an orchestra. Whenever I had to use a new mouthpiece, I got a terrible rash on my lips. My brother is a pharmacist and he gave me Marly Skin Guard. It is absolutely great, I’m redeemed. I’ve also told colleagues who have similar problems to use Marly Skin Guard. One colleague who plays the trumpet also had the same problems as I had. Marly Skin also helped him. Thank you for making this fantastic product.

Petra H. (22), Cosmetic Allergies

I have very light and sensitive skin which responds as soon as I use makeup or cosmetics. This is really awful because I want to use makeup like all the other girls my age. My doctor told me to use only water, not even soap! He recently gave me a small sample of Marly Skin Guard, that skin barrier foam. He said I should try it out and see how I’d respond to makeup. I am the happiest person in the world, I could hug the inventor of Marly Skin Guard! No more problems. I can use makeup like everyone else, and the allergic reactions are a thing of the past! I once forgot to use Marly Skin Guard and the same problems reoccurred: my whole face was full of pimples and blisters, my skin reddened with an unpleasant itch! What’s so great is that the skin is dry immediately after application and that makeup, powder, lipstick and eyeliner adhere without any problems.

Dr. Gabriel K. (52), Surgeon

I am a surgeon and I usually work for six hours or more every day wearing latex gloves. For many years I’ve had no problems whatsoever, except that my skin got very dry and cracked. That wasn’t really surprising: constant washing and disinfecting the hands is extremely stressful on your skin.

I’ve experienced massive skin problems for about the last six months. The skin on my hands crack, I have white rims around my nail beds, contact eczemas and a permanent itch. My hands are always red. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve tried! Other gloves, putting heavy creams on my hands every night, etc. Nothing really helped and on the contrary, things got worse at times. I started having to take time off to allow my skin to recover. There was no doubt my problems were caused by the gloves. As soon as I stopped wearing them for a while, things got better.

I thought there is nothing left I could try. If I applied a cream before going into surgery, it got washed off by the surgical rinse and the disinfectant. And I cannot put on anything after disinfection - a vicious circle! Then I read about Marly Skin Guard and ordered some right away. Since then I regularly apply Marly Skin Guard in the morning before going to work and at lunch break. Great! No more skin problems. Many of my doctor colleagues and nurses now use Marly Skin Guard regularly. It’s an absolute must for everyone who has to wear gloves every day. And it is usually only a question of time before everyone suffers from the same problems that I did.

Jennifer R. (42), Metal Allergies

I have some very old and precious family jewelry which I love to wear. Over the last few years I got a severe rash around my neckline, accompanied by skin reddening and blisters. Even my wrists and ears are now affected. So I stopped wearing the jewelry quite some time ago. In fact, I wear no jewelry at all for fear of getting the same skin irritations again. A colleague told me of Marly Skin Guard, I tried it out, and what should I say? It worked wonders! I am over the moon. One application is usually sufficient for the whole day and sometimes also for the whole night.

Klaus W. (41), Dressage Rider

I am an amateur dressage rider and I suddenly got allergic to leather gloves, and later against anything made of leather. You can imagine what this means for a dressage rider! I tried everything, nothing helped. The only remedy was to avoid contact with anything made of leather. Someone recommended Marly Skin Guard, I tried it out and I’ve been free of leather allergy problems ever since. It is also very economical to use, it’s wonderful that it is not greasy at all and I can apply it to any part of my body. Most importantly, I must remember to use it, otherwise things start all over again.

Prof. A.K. (61), Art Teacher

We work with epoxy resin at our art college, which means we work the molds with grinding and milling tools. Although we wear protective glasses, gloves and masks, it is inevitable that most of us develop allergic reactions, sometimes very severe, underneath the eyes, on the hairline, behind the ears and in the folds of our skin. This affects all of us! It’s only a matter of time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything that helped. The only thing we could do was take time off to allow the skin to recover. Creams and ointments are either ineffective, or they are unsuitable for skin contact for any length of time. Applying the cream every half hour or so would be the only solution. We celebrate the day someone told us about Marly Skin Guard. Great to apply (in the morning and at mid-day), the skin stays dry, and we can apply it on the face. The skin issues have disappeared, and there is no greasy sensation. A great product and a real help!

Marly Skin Guard™ has helped many people in many different situations.