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Skin Damage

The skin when healthy and
functioning properly:

  • Repels substances which are foreign to the body.
  • Prevents the penetration of gaseous or dissolved chemical substances.
  • Develops a biological protective acidic and fatty film which is automatically regenerated.

The skin is damaged by:
  • Long time exposure to aggressive and harmful substances such as:
    • alkaline & acidic solutions;
    • organic solvents & dust;
    • aggressive cleansers & disinfectants;
    • chemicals & lubricants;
    • bodily secretions, blood, urine & feces;
    • paints, inks & dyes.
  • Frequent washing with soap & water and continuous use of sanitizers.
  • Long exposure to moist environments.
  • Occlusion i.e. when wearing rubber gloves.
  • And many more...

The formula for skin damage is: exposure time x harmful substances = potential skin damage