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Makeup Artists
Marly Skin Guard™ Professional Uses

Offering professionals the best and most effective skin barrier foam since 1988.

Dental: Multiple washing and sanitizing of hands, hours of wearing gloves, exposure to saliva, plaque, blood, and germs are all ingredients for occlusion and deterioration of the skin increasing the potential for these passing through the skin and causing skin irritations or worse.

Medical and Caregivers: Doctors, nurses and caregivers are constantly exposed to secretions, urine, excrement, blood and germs. With constant cleansing and sanitizing and the potential for glove failure, they need a secondary line of skin protection. And their patients who suffer from skin irritations and incontinence need the same protection allowing their skin to heal itself over time.

Beauty: Constant washing and drying hair, applying hair dyes, permanents, colors, makeup, fx makeup adhesives, makeup removers and other beauty products are all damaging to the skin with continuous exposure. A skin barrier is imperative to protect the skin for stylists, makeup artist and their clientele.

Veterinarians: Marly Skin Guard™ helps protect the skin from bacteria, animal waste and animal odours. It also helps protect against contact dermatitis often caused by continuous wearing of latex examination gloves.

Food Processing: Marly Skin Guard™ is an effective barrier against bacteria from handling raw food because it actively repels it from the skin. It also repels unwanted odours from poultry, fish, and other types of meat. Washing and removing these bacteria and odours is quick and easy. And it will not affect food products with direct contact by the user, because it is non-toxic and doesn’t rub off.

Lab Technicials: Handling of dangerous chemicals, bacteria, secretions, blood, urine and feces, the continuous wearing of gloves, and frequent cleansing, makes Marly Skin Guard™ the perfect product for the use in labs and clinics.

Tradesman: Marly Skin Guard™ helps protect the skin from industrial materials like oils, sealants, epoxies, metal dust, coolants, hydraulic fluids, fuels, paints, inks and dyes. It helps prevent these toxic materials from penetrating the skin, and makes clean up and removal quick and easy.

Sports: Athlete’s skin gets blisters, rips and tears and they are constantly sweating in their equipment. This creates a moist warm environment for bacteria to thrive, which can lead to infections, jock itch and athlete’s foot. Marly Skin Guard™ helps protect against these conditions.

These are only a few of the professional uses for Marly Skin Guard™.
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