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Marly Skin Guard™ Principles
Marly Skin Guard is a new system in skin protection. Apart from the innovative packaging concept, one of the obvious features is the composition. "All components can be divided into two groups with completely different characteristics."
(Professor Dr. C. Führer, Braunschweig)

Group 1

The first group consists of water repellent (lipophilic or hydrophobic) components. Part of this group are Stearic Acid and Dimethicone. Both are capable of penetrating into the upper layer of the epidermis through the intercellular spaces of the stratum corneum.

At room and body temperature Stearic Acid is highly crystallized and therefore remains on the surface of the skin. The penetration rate of Dimethicone is reduced with increasing molecular weight. This polymer, used in Marly Skin Guard, is highly polymerized which means it does not pass through the epidermis.

Group 2

The second group of components consists of hydrophilic substances which have a high degree of affinity to water (water absorbent). They are Propylene Glycol, Glycerol and Sorbitol. These ingredients are capable of penetrating the skin to a limited extent. Generally they remain in the hydrophilic area of the epidermis.

In Combination

Both groups form an emulsified TWO-PHASE-SYSTEM and create a TWO-DIMENSIONAL NETWORK in the shape of a thin layer in the skin. The liquid chrystalline and subsequently later crystalline areas are formed by the Stearic Acid which readily forms a lyotropic liquid crystalline state from which the lamellar state is formed. Depending on the affinity of the various ingredients to the individual elements of the skin, separation occurs without penetrating into the deeper layers of skin.

The hydrophilic substances in Marly Skin Guard, i.e. Propylene Glycol, Glycerol and Sorbitol are bound to the keratin. Dimethicone is accepted in the lipophilic regions, so that Stearic Acid concentrates on the surface of the skin. It is a known fact that higher fatty acids such as Stearic Acid are used to avoid re-wetting of surfaces with water.

This effect has been utilized with Marly Skin Guard. The fine net-like crystallites of Stearic Acid form a screen which completely prevents direct contact of water with the skin. At the same time, the skin between the web is unchanged and continues to breathe and perspire normally.

The foam application automatically leads to the formation of this thin two dimensional network which does not inhibit a person's ability to grasp or grip. The ingredients which penetrate the stratum corneum give the skin an unchanged feel.

Marly Skin GuardDissipation

4 to 6 hours after applying Marly Skin Guard, perspiration from the skin finally dissolves the crystallites of Stearic Acid and the skin barrier evaporates along with the perspiration into the air. So it is recommended to reapply Marly Skin Guard every 4 hours to maintain an effective non-occlusive skin barrier.

Marly Skin Guard™ has been extensively tested and is proven to be a very effective skin protector and its unique formulation offers tremendous benefits.