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Marly Skin Guard™ FAQs

Q1:      What does MARLY SKIN GUARD™ do?

A1:     It protects your skin from almost anything that may irritate it including allergens, acids, bodily fluids, detergents, chemicals, toxins, etc.

Q2:      Other than my hands will it work on other parts of my body?

A2:     Yes. MARLY SKIN GUARD™ works from head to toe as long as the skin is clean and dry.

Q3:      Will it protect me from Poison Ivy and Poison Oak?

A3:     Yes. So long as you have applied MARLY SKIN GUARD™ prior to contacting either one. After coming into contact with either of them, make sure to wash the area immediately with a strong soap and water.

Q4:      What about preventing chemicals from getting into my bloodstream?

A4:     Yes.  MARLY SKIN GUARD™ helps prevent chemicals and toxins from penetrating the skin and entering the bloodstream.

Q5:      Does MARLY SKIN GUARD™ have parabens in it?

A5:     No. The parabens listed on the label are used during the sterile canning process before the cans are filled with the MARLY SKIN GUARD™ emulsion. So there are no parabens in the final product that is applied to your skin.

Q6:      How often do I apply MARLY SKIN GUARD™?

A6:     Once every four hours, no matter how many times you wash, sanitize or disinfect the skin.

Q7:      Do I have to take MARLY SKIN GUARD™ off?

A7:     No. After 4 hours your perspiration breaks down the barrier in your skin and it evaporates into the air.

Q8:      At my job, I am constantly washing and sanitizing my hands. How will MARLY SKIN GUARD™ help?

A8:     Repeatedly washing and sanitizing your hands throughout the workday may cause damage to your skin. MARLY SKIN GUARD™ will protect you from getting dry, cracked and itchy skin.

Q9:      I suffer from eczema. Will MARLY SKIN GUARD™ help?

A9:     Yes. In most cases MARLY SKIN GUARD™ protects your skin from coming into contact with the allergen or irritant that causes the eczema, allowing your skin a chance to heal over time. After using MARLY SKIN GUARD™ 2 to 3 times a day, results should be seen over 3 to 10 days. If not, the stop using MARLY SKIN GUARD™ and consult your physician.

Q10:    Please explain how MARLY SKIN GUARD™ will help protect against contact dermatitis?

A10:   Coming into contact with many substances initially may not cause irritation, but after prolonged exposure to these substances skin irritations can occur.  When used on a daily basis, MARLY SKIN GUARD™ protects you from becoming sensitive to many allergens and irritants, and if you already suffer from contact dermatitis, it will protect you from these irritants and allow your skin to heal itself.

Q11:    Will MARLY SKIN GUARD™ help me with my latex allergies?

A11:   Yes. If you apply MARLY SKIN GUARD™ to your hands and wrists, you can then wear latex gloves.

Q12:    Will MARLY SKIN GUARD™ help clear up my baby’s diaper rash?

A12:   Yes. MARLY SKIN GUARD™ will help clear up a baby’s diaper rash and helps prevent them from reoccurring. The problem with traditional topical ointments is they are applied to the rash, then the diaper goes on, then the ointment rubs off into the diaper clogging its pours causing the diaper to fail and where the ointment rubbed off, the skin is exposed to urine and feces, causing the rash to worsen. MARLY SKIN GUARD™ is sting free and once applied to the rash it dries in the skin, so it does not rub off into the diaper, so the diaper maintains full absorbency and MARLY SKIN GUARD™ helps protect the skin from residual urine and feces and allows the skin to heal itself often within 12 to 24 hours. This results in much happier babies and their parents.

Q13:    Will MARLY SKIN GUARD™ work for hair stylists and beauticians?

Q13:   Yes. Beauty industry worker’s hands are always wet and they are constantly touching products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes and permanents, all of which are very harmful to the skin with ongoing exposure. MARLY SKIN GUARD™ benefits these people by creating a barrier in the skin protecting them from the negative effects of handling all these products. And MARLY SKIN GUARD™ can be applied to the customer’s hairline prior to dying, and most dyes will not stain their scalp.


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