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Marly Skin Guard™ Competitive Advantage

Marly Skin Guard's competitive advantage is not only in its pharmaceutical grade ingredients, but in its unique sterile production process. In bringing its water repelling (hydrophobic) and water absorbing (hydrophillic) components together - like oil and water - in a uniform emulsion at the molecular level, it delivers a consistent and effective skin barrier that will not separate over time.

There have been many attempts to copy Marly Skin Guard, but their only solution to creating their consistent emulsion is to add solvents, being alcohols or citric acid, which causes problems:
  1. They remain on the surface of skin as a waxy film that negatively influence the skin’s natural functions, reduces the sense of touch, can be washed off and wear off at touch points where they are needed most and they need to be frequently reapplied.
  2. Alcohols and citric acid cannot be applied on skin irritations, because they further irritate the affected area and many people are intolerant to solvents causing increased sensitivity.

This limits these lotions for people with healthy skin and restricts these products from use in all medical, health care and hygienic fields.

Marly Skin Guard is the ONLY skin barrier product on the market that can be used by people with both healthy and unhealthy skin conditions.
Marly Skin Guard is the only product that builds a protection-structure within the skin and not on the skin where the protection effect is lost by abrasion.
Marly Skin Guard is the most documented and clinically tested skin barrier product in the world, with more than 200 written reports and over 40 clinically controlled tests conducted by renowned doctors and scientists in multiple universities since 1988.

Because Marly Skin Guard™ may be used on both healthy and unhealthy skin it may be used by professionals in multiple healthcare and industrial fields.