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Pilot Study: A Skin Protectant for Latex glove induced Dermal Sensitivity Reactions. W. BEABER, N. ARBREE, and G. KUGEL (Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA) November 1995
The Study

Latex glove induced dermal reactions are a significant problem for a growing percentage of the dental community. The purpose of this study was to determine if a commercially available foam barrier could effectively block dermal irritations caused by latex gloves. Fifteen subjects with known latex glove dermal sensitivities and fifteen subjects with no known latex glove dermal sensitivities were tested. In both groups, one hand was tested with the MARLY SKIN GUARDfoam barrier and the other hand was left barrier free. All subjects followed the same techniques of washing both hands with an oil free soap (0.4 Chlorhexadine), drying both hands, placing a glove on the non barrier hand to act as a shield to apply the foam barrier to the non-gloved surfaces of the barrier hand, and allowing the foam to dry for four minutes. The person donned and removed latex gloves, washed their hands, and performed various associated tasks as needed for up to four hours (barrier stops protecting after four hours). If they were going to continue wearing latex gloves, the technique for foam barrier application was repeated every four hours. This process was repeated daily under dental office conditions for two weeks. Persons were monitored daily for potential symptoms on both hands. Each hand was graded according to a system based on the demonstrated dermatological symptoms. Persons with latex glove sensitivities that developed reactions on the unprotected hand were switched to non latex gloves for the remainder of the study.


In the known sensitivity group, 12 of 15 developed symptoms on the unprotected hand; 15 of 15 were symptom free on the protected hand. In the no known sensitivity group, 15 of 15 were symptom free on the unprotected hand; 15 of 15 were symptom free on the protected hand. There were no symptoms in any sensitive individuals after using the foam barrier for two weeks. Data was analyzed using McNemar's test (p<0.01). The results of this study seem to indicate that MARLY SKIN GUARD foam barrier is an effective protectant against latex glove induced dermal sensitivity reactions.

Additional Clinical Report Summaries

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