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Marly Skin Guard™ Benefits

Marly Skin Guard’s™ unique formulation creates a two-dimensional skin barrier that offers tremendous benefits:

  • No desensitizing properties
  • No occlusion or pseudo-occlusion
  • Invisible
  • Non greasy

  • No change to any skin functions
  • No change to sense of touch or dexterity
  • Water insoluble
  • Easy application

  • Greater than
    4 hours of protection
  • No need to remove
  • Skin easier to clean
  • Very economical

Marly Skin Guard™ has been extensively tested and is proven to be a very effective skin protector of:
  • Urine, blood, secretions and sputum
  • Alkaline and acidic solutions
  • Detergents and emulsifiers
  • Solvents and disinfectants
  • Printing inks, dyes and paints
  • Photo process-chemicals
  • Bitumen
  • Mineral and metal containing dust, including cement
  • Lubricants, fats and fatty emulsions
  • Resins, polyurethanes, catalysts and other aggressive substances
  • Lab chemicals

Marly Skin Guard™ is clinically and dermatologically tested

Tests conducted by renowned professors, doctors and researchers in Europe have proven that Marly Skin Guard is truly a “state of the art” skin barrier foam.

The Marly Skin Guard™ benefits underlie its strong competitive advantage against other skin barrier creams and foams.