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Marly Skin Guard 100mL
Marly Skin Guard 100mL

Our Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $19.95 per 3.4oz (100mL) can.

Cost per Standard Application:

• When protecting your hands, a walnut-size dollop
application) is sufficient.
A 100mL can of Marly Skin Guard = 150 standard

• At $19.95 a can, that is 13 cents per standard application.

• Each application lasts over 4-hours, so a person will apply
Skin Guard twice a day: once before work, then again

• A 100mL can should last a person around 75 x 8-hour

• And at roughly 20 workdays per month, one can should last
person approximately 3.5 months.

• At 13 cents per standard application, that is only
26 cents per

A small price to pay for healthy skin.